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Acoustic Bioresonance, a unique therapy that combines ancient and modern sound healing.

We are part of one large and complex musical instrument - the Universe. Through sound and vibration we are connected to source. The challenges and stresses of daily life can lead to  becoming out of tune with oneself by blocking the flow of energy from the source of our being which then affects our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.  

Acoustic Bioresonance is deep and intense sound healing where the body is resonated and massaged on a vibro-acoustic speaker bed by the sounds of didgeridoo, gong, and harmonic frequencies experienced as full body vibrations.

Through the use of a bed equipped with a built in transducer speaker system, frequencies and instruments tuned to harmonic ratios found in nature and the cosmos bring body, mind, and spirit back into alignment through the laws of sympathetic resonance. 

The sound is experienced as a powerful physical vibration which resonates the body from head to toe down to the cellular and molecular level. Muscles, tissues, organs, and skin are massaged by sound and resonated back into healthy states of vibration. 

As the body becomes one with the sound and vibration, deep relaxation and surrender to higher states of consciousness occur. Stagnant energy is released from cellular memory while the mind relinquishes control of the senses allowing the experience of oneself beyond the physical realm closer to spirit.

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“I’ve done some sound healing before, but
this was nothing like it. Such a powerful resonance experienced in your whole body… Amazing experience!”
— Janis (Latvia)
just wow… a sublime journey that takes you beyond total relaxation culminating in what I can only describe as a natural high sound-gasm. this is unlike anything I have tried in sound healing - the sound vibration physically moving through your body is indescribable…
— Caterina (UK)
“I experienced myself on the cellular and molecular level. Everyone should try. I feel like I’m expanding each time!”
— Nagomi (Japan)

Laurent Suara

is a Certified Sound Therapist, Musician, and Didgeridoo Maker.

The power of sound and music is undeniable. Music can change the way we feel almost instantaneously. Sound is the language of creation and the universe. 

Laurent has been involved professionally with music since his early 20s mainly as performer, festival organizer, and technology developer.  After years of experiencing the effects of music on himself on a mental, spiritual and emotional level but also in a social context to create harmony, he decided to study, research, and apply himself to the therapeutic and healing potential of sound.  

Believing that both the intuitive approach and the scientific one could work in synergy, he created Acoustic Bioresonance to bring together traditional ritual sound healing with modern sound therapy and technology.   

Laurent's inspiration is the sound of the Didgeridoo. He is making own instruments also teaches workshops. To view the latest didgeridoos for sale, please follow Laurent's facebook page



Laurent is available for private sessions, retreats, workshops, and events. 

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