Acoustic Bioresonance is a next generation sound healing experience.

Developed by Laurent Suara, a certified sound therapist and musician, Acoustic Bioresonance augments the traditional sound healing experience through the use of custom built sound healing beds equipped with powerful vibrational speakers and water mattresses. The sound of ancient instruments such as the Gong and Didgeridoo as well as harmonic frequency are experienced as full body vibrations giving the sensation of being inside the sound or the instrument.

Sound waves travel 4 times faster through water. The body also being 60% water is resonated deeply at the cellular level and detoxed by sound from blockages and stagnant energy. As the body becomes sound,  pure consciousness and the experience of oneself beyond the physical body is reached which can lead to profound realizations, visions, and insights into the nature of one’s own reality. The sessions also include the use of a revolutionary light meditation technology that aids to entrains the mind into the Theta brainwave state, the border between wake and sleep – conscious and unconscious – mind and spirit.

Research has shown that theta is where consciousness starts creating reality however it is difficult to stay in Theta for an extended period of time. Buddhist monks who have meditated for 40 years were shown to only be able to stay in Theta for 30 seconds. Through the combination of Sound, Vibration, Light, and Minus Ions, a client is aided to stay in Theta for an extended period of time while the sound and vibration shift any stuck energy in the being. The process empowers one to be one’s own healer by reaching a state of consciousness where one can bring change and intention into being.

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SUARA Sound Beds

SUARA Sound Beds are state of the art vibrational sound beds designed and handmade in Bali. Each bed is equipped with a high end vibro-tactile speaker system built into a high quality Teak wood frame. 

SUARA Sound Beds elevate music to a whole new level by putting the listener inside the sound through the experience of music as physical vibration throughout the body. 

If you are interested to purchase a SUARA Sound Bed for your home or center or bring Acoustic Bioresonance to your part of the world, please get in touch. 

For more information on the SUARA sound beds, click here



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I’ve done some “sound healing” before, but this was nothing like it. Such a powerful resonance and you experience it with your whole body. It felt like all chatter thoughts in my mind were blown away! I felt so calm afterward.

Laurent’s technique applies to Sound Detoxing at a cellular level - Your body is vibrating with depth!
— Janis (Lativa)
just wow… a sublime journey that takes you beyond total relaxation culminating in what I can only describe as a natural high sound-gasm. this is unlike anything I have tried in sound healing - the sound vibration physically moving through your body is indescribable…
— Caterina (UK)
I experienced myself on the cellular and molecular level. Everyone should try. I feel like I’m expanding each time!
— Nagomi (Japan)
An experience that is hard to explain, but the closest thing I can imagine to what whales or dolphins must feel through sonar wave communication. I was transported somewhere else.
— Kirstin (Australia)
I cannot recommend a session with Laurent enough.
I was simultaneously aware of the density of my physical body as the frequencies moved through it and also aware of the formlessness of my true state. The frequencies were like a massage for my whole being. It was like they vibrated apart every cell and put me back together again in perfect alignment.

When I came back the first thing I thought was that this is the gateway to the New Earth. If you are considering a session, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. For yourself and also for the evolution of the human species and whole planet. The ripples created from this are great and profound.Thank you Laurent for bringing this beautiful gift to our world
— Hannah (Australia)
Yesterday I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The feeling of water vibrations and sounds around your whole body is incredible.

I was taken on a journey many clear visions came to my mind of past traumas and guidance to current thoughts. After each change of sound and vibration my whole body felt as if
It were shaking out stuff in a sense of release.

I felt like I was journeying in another world with thought and pictures. This was a highlight of my visit to Ubud and will definitely be back to have another session. If you can do a small group or private I highly recommend it.
— Stephanie (USA)
As a couple who host their own unique tours to Egypt and literally get to host private sessions in the
Great Pyramid of Giza through the night, All we can say is ‘’WOW!!”

Laurent’s creation of the waterbed, vibration, light and sound experience was phenomenal and he is
absolutely outstanding at his craft and with his entire delivery.

If you are visiting Bali, then we highly recommend that you book a private session with Laurent as what you will
experience with him is truly sensational.

Thank you again Laurent and keep sharing your magic with the world.
— - Daniel & Samantha (Australia)


Acoustic Bioresonance sessions are run at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud, Bali.

Bookings are currently made through the Pyramids of Chi website.

Sessions are 90 mins (including introduction time) and are limited to 8 people so it is essential to book ahead. 

You may use the form below for general inquiries.

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